Supporting our Supporters

Here at the Genetic Support Network of Victoria, we are excited to start our 2018 Volunteer Program! If your support group, business, or program would benefit from a volunteer, we would like to hear from you. We just need the following information:
Volunteer Area No. of Volunteers When Required Specific Tasks

Some tips to evaluate if you need a volunteer: 

Brainstorm the list of jobs that need to be done throughout the year. Develop a number of smaller volunteer roles to accompany these tasks. 

For existing roles, prepare a task list and decipher whether the role could be broken down or shared. 

Develop role descriptions that depict the actual tasks associated with a role.

Be flexible in your approach to roles and how they are structured.

Capable of adequate induction, handover, and written instructions for tasks. 

If in need of more than one volunteer, develop volunteer teams around tasks so that people don’t feel over committed and if at any stage they are unavailable that there are others who can step in. 
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